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Web Design

Adventist World Website ReDesign

The international online magazine for the editions of Adventist World serves over 22 million members globally. I was tasked to work on the redesign of the current website.

Context & Research

The core audience they wanted to reach was existing members and a new audience, the Millennial generation which they called the Adventist+. 

They realised that many of this group were not engaging with their content and wanted answers for their questions using video and articles that answers questions in depth. 

I went about conducting this research through a series of interviews and researching their needs using data I found online and through my in-person discussions.

Business Goals & Requirements

As a result of this initial research I was able to work with key stakeholders and nail down some initial specifications and requirements. 

The personas I developed allowed us as a team to better serve content to the Adventist+ audience. The focus of the personas was to truly identify what they read and watch more specifically to personalise their content

experience. This was then agreed upon to prioritise business goals and user needs. We then went on to create a workflow that outlined how users currently access content across all platforms and how this can be improved. 

Wireframes & Stakeholder Management

I created multiple wireframes across the site to show the user journey across both mobile and web. 

The focus of the design is to better serve the best content to each user. Creating a personalised experience was key so I worked with the key stakeholders in the business  to help them understand how to best serve content to each user.

The goal of the wireframes was to;

  • Connect the site's information architecture to its visual design by showing paths between pages. 
  • Clarify consistent ways for displaying particular types of content on the user interface.
  • Get buy-in from stakeholders faster without getting lost in high fidelity designs

The Design System

I worked on the Adventist World design system to help developers build components and work with them on token values to help developers work more efficiently, and to make AW’s applications more cohesive.

The benefits of the design system provided 

  1. Efficiency 
  2. Consistency 
  3. Scale

High Fidelity Designs

The key components that made the User Interface work so well were 

  1. Colour - A simple set of colours and were very disciplined in its use.
  2. Imagery - I worked with editors to select the best imagery 
  3. White Space - I decreased visual noise and clutter white space helped the content to breath
  4. Font Selection - I used three fonts that represented (Titles, Metadata and content)
  5. Contrast - I used the white space and colour blocks to contrast against the content so content could stand out more.  
Adventist World Mobile Web
Adventist World Tablet Designs

The Result

The final design was extremely well received by the team and launched October 2017.


The main outcomes of this project.

1. Lower bounce rate of 50% on the site

2. It reached over 122,777 more monthly viewers and built a highly engaged community of people.

3.Stakeholders and customers of the Adventist World magazine loved the new design and found it much easier to navigate across mobile web, tablet and desktop.