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Andy Budd Interview – UX Design, The Future of UX, Job Roles of The Future

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Andy Budd is a 12 Year UX Design veteran and Founder of Clearleft one of the first UX Design agencies in the UK. Andy has worked with companies like Channel 4, UNICEF, PENGUIN books, BBC and ITV to name a few. Recently I got to sit down and speak to him about the Future of UX Design, Key Characteristics of a Great UX Designer, His thoughts on UX and Key tips to make you an even better UX Designer. I gained so much insights speaking to Andy and I know you will learn so much also. Being a web user from the early days of the internet Andy understands the power a positive web experience can have on your business. Andy loves sharing this knowledge though books, workshops and conferences in order to make the web a nicer, more pleasurable place. Andy helped pioneer the adoption of web standards in the UK through his client work, his blog (one of the highest trafficked in the UK at the time), and the publication of his best-selling book – CSS Mastery: Web Standards Solutions. Andy’s always had an interest in the way design affects human behaviour.

Clearleft Website = clearleft.com & Personal Site = http://andybudd.com/

Medium Blog Posts = @andybudd

Linkedin Profile = Andy Budd

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